About Strictly Blended



Hello, my name is Patrick Scholtens aka Strictly Blended. I am 47 years old and very interested in design & IT.\

At an early age i was intrested in Music and Art. From primary school i went to Graphic school to learn the basics of printing design.
It was’t really what i was aiming for, and because i wasn’t sure what to do next i did some backpacking for a year.
After that i started a course for Sound engineering in Amsterdam and from that i got a job at a record plant as a cutting engineer.
Around the birth of my daughter in 2007 I started interesting in graphic design again.
It all started with the purchase of the software package, creative suite from Adobe. My focus then (and still is!) on the creative side (photoshop, illustrator) but also quickly became interested in other software such as Flash and dreamweaver. That is how I came into contact with web design.
This also introduced me to coding, and quickly learned the basics of coding websites in Flash, HTML and CSS2.
These later became HTML5 and CSS3.
Because Adobe came up with the shitty  subscription arrangement around Cs6, I dropped out of web design for a while and then focused on my working  career as a sound engineer and mastering engineer in vinyl. I have gained a lot of experience with the sound for the gramaphone record and have enjoyed working at the vinyl factory in Haarlem for a long time.
I had sworn off Adobe and I also spent some time working on video editing (premiere pro) animation (after fx) and also 3d modeling (cimema4d).
But in the meantime it still kept itching a bit on the web side. I started to delve into coding HTML5 and CSS3 with the program Coda and later jumped into the PHP code through wordpress.
Still, I get a kick out of seeing how you can get something done through neat code.
I recently quit my job after 24 years as a sound engineer because I’m really ready for something new… and now that I was so rigorous, I bought a house in Portugal with my wife and daughter and want to start a B&B there .
The sound technician profession has taught me a lot, and I have been able to make many beautiful recordings with my colleagues. I have come across almost all music styles. I lived through the rise of house and the resurgence of vinyl. But after 24 years …!
For this I made our website by programming with DIVI. First with MAMP locally on my computer and then upload online later.
Now I would like to get my income from the b&b, but it is still in the building stage and I also want to use my web skills more.