Casa de Carregal

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Casa de Carregal

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Budha eden

Join us for a visit of the Quinta dos Loridos, where the impressive Buddha Eden – the largest oriental garden in Europe, can be found. The oriental garden with around 35 hectares of land was created as a reaction to the destruction of the Buddhas of Banyan.


The ultimate reason to visit Obidos in Portugal is just because it’s adorable. This small village is build within castle walls, and going there is like a time-travel in middle ages.


Alcobaça lies in the valleys of the Rivers Alcoa and Baça, which according to some authors is the origin of its name. It has also been suggested that it was the Arabic name of the place which was split to name the two rivers.


The long sandy half-moon shaped beach, which is also the town’s sea front, is known for its grandeur and for the brightly-coloured awnings that decorate the white sandy beaches, contrasting with the blue of the water.

Casa de Carregal

b&b in aanbouw!

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